Power in Partnership
Your partnership with Way Missions and Marshall and Rebecca Frasier is life changing!

God set it up that ministers should live off of the partnership of people. Paul states this is 2 Corinthians. Paul also mentions this throughout the book of Philippians.

When you partner with us, you gain much from the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus says in Matthew 10:40-41 that if you receive a prophet or a righteous person, then you will receive the same reward that they will receive.

Jesus promises us that if we(Marshall and Rebecca) give up lands, houses, etc., we will receive 100 fold in this lifetime and in the lifetime to come.

When you partner with us, you are, in essence, receiving us into your life. I can promise you that the rewards that we get here on earth and in heaven for giving up all and walking in obedience to Him, Jesus said you will get the same! Pray about your monthly partnership with us so that you will get the best reward from your and our Father God!

Thank you for praying about this and following the leading of the Holy Spirit!

You can watch a video about parntership and what it means here:

Partnering with us video

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